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One-stop radiator shop

Motoradco isn’t your average radiator shop.

Our depth of experience and expertise make us the go-to team of radiator specialists. We offer a complete range of radiator services, including repairs, modifications, clean-outs and replacements. We also stock custom-made radiators to suit any specifications.

From trucks to cranes, earth-moving equipment to cars, we will have the right radiator for you.

We Cater Several variety of radiators

Our radiator repair service process

Our radiator specialists will expertly assess the condition of your truck or car cooling system and parts to determine if any repairs or replacements need to be performed. If there are signs of leakage or corrosion, then a repair or replacement will need to be performed. However, sometimes all that’s needed is a good clean of the engine coolant system to restore your vehicle’s cooling performance.



We will carry out a thorough inspection of the automotive cooling system to ascertain whether it’s possible and more cost-effective to repair the parts or replace the radiator entirely.

Replace or repair

If any failing components are identified that can be repaired or replaced, our radiator specialists will do so. Once reassembled, the repaired radiator will be pressure tested and re-installed. The engine coolant system will also be purged of debris and old coolant and filled with corrosion inhibitor.

If the system needs replacing, our team will advise the best replacement choice based on the vehicle, its application and operating environment.

The result

Our radiator repair service is carried out in a professional and timely manner. For your peace of mind, all work is supported by a three-year nationwide warranty.


Aftermarket radiators

We are the leading supplier of aftermarket radiators in Sydney. No matter what type of radiator you are looking for, we’ve got you covered. Our products are sourced from the best and most reliable manufacturer with high-efficiency aftermarket radiators for cars, trucks, buses and heavy equipment.

Trust us for superior advice. Our radiator specialists are ready to help you choose the best radiator for your needs.

Exceeding your expectations on every occasion

Do you have a unique cooling application or want to learn more about our services and products? Contact our radiator specialists today.

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