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Intercoolers & aftercoolers

We offer a comprehensive selection of intercoolers and aftercoolers for a complete range of vehicles and equipment. An intercooler system plays a vital role in cooling down a vehicle’s engine, with the system designed to reduce the temperature of hot air before it reaches the engine’s combustion chamber.


Wether you need replacement or cleaning

Whether you need a replacement industrial intercooler or a car intercooler cleaning, have one of our cooling system specialists analyse your vehicle today!



Products we supply


We stock a diverse range of intercoolers, including air-to-air and air-to-water types. A custom-model intercooler can also be designed that caters to your specifications and performance needs.

Charge air coolers

We are a leading supplier of charge air coolers, with our high-quality systems being installed in thousands of diesel and gas engines.

Oil Coolers

We stock a range of oil coolers that are expertly designed to aid your vehicle’s cooling performance by reducing excess heat generation.

EGR Coolers

We supply EGR valves that will either meet or exceed original equipment specifications.


We stock a range of aftercoolers designed to remove the heat-of-compression from a compressed air stream, as well as to condition the air so it can be used in air-operated equipment.

Exceeding your expectations on every occasion

Do you have a unique cooling application or want to learn more about our services and products? Contact our radiator specialists today.

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