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The radiator specialists since 1951

Motoradco was founded in 1951 by Ray Wheeler and Wally Blight, a pair of National Radiators employees who shared the goal to establish a specialised radiator shop that, at its foundation, offers a high level of service and quality to its customers. Since its establishment, the company has grown and developed immensely but still proudly retains its core values and family-owned approach.

Family owned Business

In 1985, Motoradco was purchased by Neville Stirton and has since gone on to be run by his son Paul, who has worked at the company since 1995. The family-owned business approach that has been upheld by Neville and Paul is fundamental to Motoradco. It can still be seen today with Neville, despite being well past retirement age, still coming into work once or twice a week.


the best radiator solutions

Motoradco came full circle in 2003 when it became a part of the Natrad (formerly National Radiators) franchise and was officially renamed Natrad Granville. Being synonymous with the nationally recognised Natrad name, Motoradco is able to retain its original identity while at the same time bring customers the very best in radiator solutions for which Natrad is renowned.

loyal customers

Motoradco services more than 350 returning and loyal customers in a wide range of industries, which we attribute to our foundations and core values of high-level service and quality. Since its establishment, the business has had its fair share of challenges, but using his passion for success and the foundational values of the business, Paul has managed to overcome any that come his way.


The trusted team in automotive cooling solutions


Certified and licensed

Motoradco isn’t your average radiator shop. The depth of experience, expertise and knowledge that our team of technicians has is unmatched. Our team at Motoradco are completely certified, licensed and bonded and are committed to delivering customer satisfaction for everyone that we service.

dedicated technicians

With the most advanced radiators on the market, our team of highly qualified and dedicated technicians will keep your equipment running stronger for longer. We are confident in assuring you that we are your go-to team of radiator specialists. If you or your business requires a radiator repair service, supplier or any type of automotive cooling solution for that matter, you can turn to Motoradco.


Exceeding your expectations on every occasion

Do you have a unique cooling application or want to learn more about our services and products? Contact our radiator specialists today.

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